30x20" Orca Whale Wall Rug in blue, navy, and white - Handmade By Chrissy Crater Rugs

Sold out $275.00 USD

This plush and unique Orca whale wall rug design was inspired by my trip to Washington state this past summer and I'm thrilled to finally make it a reality for the new Winter Creator Line collection! The Orca wall rug is a lovely statement piece for any space in your home. It was handmade by the artist using a machine tufting method with a cut pile tufting machine. The result is a super soft one-of-a-kind art rug perfect for use as a wall hanging!

The pieces featured in our Creator Line are more delicate in nature than our Artisan floor rugs, and we suggest using these rugs as wall-hangings to ensure they last a lifetime!

All of my rugs come with beautiful gold chains to make wall hanging easy while creating eclectic and artful decor!